Adobe DPS (Digital Publishing Solutions)

72 hours

Zac Hinton - Designer & Developer
Klaasjan Tucker - Manager

Tools Used:
HTML, CSS, Pure JS, Angular JS

Project Brief:
First Project: Code the Adobe DPS Beta page website in 72 hours.

Second Project: Create a splash screen for Adobe DPS

First Project: No research was required for my first project (strictly coding).

Second Project: Creating the Adobe DPS splash screens required a little research. I studied other Adobe splash screens to stay in brand. The Adobe DPS identity could be flipped and interpreted in many ways.I used photoshop to alter the DPS team's identity and create screens that represented product's complexity, yet modern feel.

First Project: What made this project challenging was the time limit: my manager told me I had only 72 hours to complete the code for an entire website. Luckily with a great manager and team, I was able to complete the site in time.

Second Project: The final splash screen embodied all that was Adobe DPS: new, complex, and modern. I decided to not use any distracting text as the identity helps build the anticipation and curiosity on what the product is.