American Eagle Outfitters

8 months

Zac Hinton - Design Lead
Zhaorong Zhong - Design Lead (Illustrator)
YiYi Liu - Project Manager
Charu Sharma - Tech Lead
Bingrui Tang - Research Lead

Tools Used:
Research: Surveys, In-store interviews, Interviews with AEO COO, Technical designers, and Marketing lead, Ethnographic research
Design: InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, Adobe Muse
Development: HTML, CSS, Javascript

Project Brief:
Retail shoppers typically have to depend on traveling to a store to understand the fit and feel of clothing. American Eagle Outfitters sets to be different and innovative, so they contracted me and 4 other Master's students in HCI at Carnegie Mellon to research shoppers and develop innovative ideas/concepts that help AEO shoppers understand the fit and feel of clothes online. The goal was to design an improved shopping experience with technology that could potentially be implemented within 3 to 5 years.

Our research concluded shoppers face four main problems when shopping at American Eagle:
1. Shoppers feel excluded by AEO style.
2. Shoppers do not think AEO models represent them.
3. Shoppers are confused by AEO categories/labels.
4. Shoppers are frustrated with the hassle of delivery and returns.

We enhanced AEO's retail process from an online standpoint, by integrating 4 different technologies/concepts into their brand. These technologies were based off the four problems users faced when shopping at American Eagle (mentioned above). Our solutions were well-received and AEO has began plans to implement them. Due to confidentiality and non-disclosure I cannot show the 4 solutions on my portfolio. If you are interested in learning more please do not hesitate to reach out to