3 months

Zac Hinton - UX Designer
Michael Wysz - Project Manager

Tools Used:
Design: Adobe Fireworks, Photoshop, Film: Final Cut Pro

Project Brief:
Google's Webmaster Academy is an online course designed to help new webmasters improve their SEO, or search engine optimization, in Google search results. During the summer of 2013 I was tasked with redesigning Google's Webmaster Academy website to make it more user-friendly. This redesign included a revamp of the website's content, design, and supplemental materials (video tutorials, etc) in order to improve the overall user experience.

The target audience of Webmaster Academy are new website owners and users interested in optimizing their search results in Google. We ran case studies and surveys with people in this demographic to understand the users perspective. (Some of the results you can find on the images to the right). Since I was a new web developer at the time, my manager informed me that this would be one instance where self-referential design would not cause harm to the project. Ultimately my first hand experience/frustration with being a new web developer and the results from the user testing, allowed us to produce designs that were simple and informative to use.

After becoming knowledgeable on the topic of search engine optimization I drew sketches of potential sites and presented them to my manager. After iterations I moved to doing high-fi designs with click through links on Adobe Fireworks. After more iterations and reviews from my manager, we sent the final design to the Google Brand studio and the design was approved.

Through customer feedback we noticed that while customers enjoyed webmaster academy, some wanted more instant tips with the training course. We worked with Google's film crew to videotape Matt Cutts (King of SEO) give tips on search optimization. I edited the raw videos and placed scenes together. I ended up editing 25 Google Webmaster Guidelines videos on Final Cut Pro. On average, the videos I edited received over 100,0000 subscribers, and over 10,000 views in 121 countries.

Live Site: