Southeast Raleigh High School | Fox 50 News

5 months

Zac Hinton - Director & Videographer
Steven O'Neil - Mentor & Instructor
Artie Johnson - Assistant Director

Tools Used:
Final cut pro

Project Brief:
Create a continuous, no-edit, lip-dub music video to Fox 50 news.

During my senior year of high school in 2011, I planned, directed, and filmed a 6 minute long no-edit lipdub video for my high school. Over 3 months I planned this video, scene by scene, song by song. Over the 3 months I scheduled practices with groups of students and their respective scenes, so that on shooting day there would not confusion on the choreography.

On the actual day of shooting over 200 students showed up. (Keep in mind we shot after school ended for the day, so most students were ready to get home) In order to communicate with students in different areas of the school I assigned each location a main student and a walkie talkie. My friend and then classmate Artie Johnson, walked closely behind me with a walkie talkie, alerting the other students of our arrival. Artie also had a boombox in his other hand so the students would know which part of the song they were responsible for singing. After many trips, bumps, and stumbles from students walking backwards and singing, we finally got our 6 minute long no edit shot. Check out the continuous shot music video to the right.