Warby Parker | Carnegie Mellon

3 weeks

Zac Hinton - Designer
John Zimmerman - Mentor/Instructor
Karen Bernsten - Mentor/Instructor

Tools Used:
Adobe InDesign

Project Brief:
Formal reports are created to capture the most important aspects of a project or investigation. For this assignment I was provided with basic (and boring) text pertaining to the subject of industrial ecology. The goal of the project was to take this very basic text and merge it with the brand of a certain company and ultimately, create a harmonious design. I interpreted and shaped the meaning of the text in order to speak to the needs of my client, Warby Parker.

The primary research for this project was an analysis of the Warby Parker brand and their identity. Warby Parker is a unique glasses brand because they:
1. Offer affordable eyewear.
2. Design all of their frames in-house.
3. Push the boundaries of technology through their "try-on-yourself" website.
4. Give back to the community through their buy-one/give-one model.
These unique characteristics made Warby Parker an exciting brand to merge with the topic of industrial ecology.

The formal report I designed went through about 10 iterations. (I chose not to include the iterations to spare your eyes of terrible typographic hierarchy.) My mission in designing this formal report was similar to Warby Parkers: push the boundaries. I did not want this report to look like your everyday scientific report, but something more editorial, edgy, and creative; all things that represent the Warby Parker brand. I juxtaposed the warm and sophisticated color palette with grid breaking images to articulate the classy yet creative style of the brand. The overall theme I decided to go with was the conception of a brand: so on every spread you can see the Warby Parker frames in the process of being produced to worn.